With over 20 years experience, Murat Global Furniture Ltd. (5000 m² enclosed production factory, 1500 m² Kaduna Showroom, 300 m² Kaduna Annex Showroom, 350 m² Port-Harcourt Showroom and  330 m² Abuja Showroom), was born out of Turkish Furniture Leading compaines to deliver value added furniture service in Nigeria.

Furniture which constitute of most significant pieces by making our life colourful are much important for our health and comfort. While selecting our furniture which have an indispensable place in our life according to both their appearance reflecting our personality and their intended use, we seek several important features, These are the quailty, durability, ergonomic structure, aesthetic value of furniture and being suitable fort he intend use. Of course it is rather difficult to find always these features altogether. We, as Murat Global Furniture Ltd., have combined all of these features within a long period of time and produced the most perfect products which are the right and the best for you.

All of our products which have been produced by using first class materials imported from Turkey which have been manufactured through latest system machines and have been converted to work of art by removing class article understanding on furniture. Thus, with our hotel, house, office, bank, hostpital, furniture produced by ourselves, we offer you both health, comfort, quality and visional saticfaction.

Our main principle is to offer to our esteem and valuable customers the best quality and services based on its principles related to total quality management and customer focused services.

Our mission is aimed at providing you and your family a comfortable and peaceful living space by designing robust, funcional and comfortable products.

We offer our esteemed and valuable customers robust and comfortable furniture by using fucnctional designs and a sound frame, high density grey sponge, first class fabric and workmanship for manufacturing armed chairs, couches with a base and beds at a very competitive prices. We have much more unique design available in our showroom. Visit us to prove Murat Global Furniture quality.